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Guest Blog from the 2A Ranch Wife

So how did all this Mission Lamb Business get started????


I want you to meet the Azevedo Family. They are the love, passion, and faces behind Mission Lamb. Spencer and I have known Grant and Shurina Azevedo since 2008. And I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that these two amazing people weren't part of the why we became first generation ranchers. I can remember like it was yesterday. It was New Year's Eve of 2012 and Grant was sitting in our kitchen explaining this dream he had of going into the sheep business. And you know what- HE DID IT!!!!! Him and Shurina bought those wooly critters and started Azevedo Sheep Company 7 years ago! Since then they have grown their operation into a commercial sheep herd added the cutest 2 little boys, Keegan and Eli, and have a passion for raising a family in lifestyle that is slowing dying.


So here is the SUPER EXCITING PART... About 2 years ago when I decided to sell ranch direct beef, part of that dream was to bring others along with me that could share in this boxed beef venture. My goal from day has been to collaborate with other small businesses in the industry to offer their products as part of our boxes. To my very core, I just feel it so passionately that there is enough room for us all at the table. And in an industry that is constantly under fire, why aren't we joining forces and building strength in our numbers. So in complete "Jess" fashion I decided that I needed the Azevedo Sheep Company to be our ranch direct lamb providers. And as I do so well, I just kept at it. Bugging them is what some might call it lol. But I just knew in my heart that these two passionate believers needed to help me offer premium quality meats to YOU! So today, I finally get to announce that the Azevedo Sheep Company has drank the kool-aid and will be offering Ranch Direct Lamb under the Mission Lamb label. OH MY CRAZY GOODNESS! So now not only can you buy 2A Beef, I am so stinken proud to announce, you can order lamb boxes as well from our 2A Beef sight as well


. These lambs are raised in the mountains and valley of California. And the best part, we get to offer our customers another ranch direct USA grown meat! Link in bio to learn more about Mission Lamb and how to order!